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Re-Packing, Kitting & Unitizing

Total Quality Assurance Logistic Services provides solutions for container shortages, supply part distribution, and any other need for transferring parts between packaging. Our staff uses the same handling caution when 'Re-Packaging ’, ‘Kitting’ and ‘Unitizing ’ parts that our inspectors use during ‘inspections ’ to assure the parts coming into your plant or going out to your customer are the same quality as when they left the manufacturer dock.

TQA logistic Services offers Re-Packaging Bulk containers to ‘Point of Use' Containers. Re-Packaging services can be used when vendors are shipping in corrugated due to returnable shortages or when they ship in bulk quantities that need to be spoon fed to the ‘Point of Use'. Kitting operations are used to assist the manufacturer in receiving the parts needed to assemble a component or part in one location without the need for multiple cells or parts built into the assembly station.

Unitizing solutions are provided to assist in preparing parts from the manufacturer supply part distribution or any other time parts cannot be shipped to the end user in returnables.

To support our ‘Packaging Services ’, TQA has the resources and capability to provide online inventory of your parts in our warehouse. Our company focuses on providing the technology needed for reading and printing 2D and 3D Bar codes. As well a.s, having the experience needed to migrate to RFID.

Whatever your company is part re-packaging needs are, TQA Logistics Services has the experience and skill needed to transfer parts between packaging without damaging them.

Experience Matters

Combined 27 years Experience in 3rd party inspection. Combined 66 years of GM experience. Hundreds of ESEP Sorts Managed.

ISO Certified

Total Quality Assurance is ISO 9000:2000 Certified. We take great pride in all of the services we provide.

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