• TQA Reporting

    Total Quality assurance offers real-time reporting for our clients. This makes it easy and fast helping to make time sensitive decisions. We offer our clients a detailed report of all there projects. This service is free to all of our clients.


    Just use your username and password to view the client seciton called "My Docs".


    Don't have a username and password yet, just give us a call or click the link to the right to begin your account registration.

  • Need an Account?

    Need a TQA account?

    It fast and easy. Give us a call on our hotline 1.888 906 0310 to set up an account. This will provide you with 24/7 access to your reports and invoicing all in real-time.


International Representation

Our Representatives have established professional working relations with the manufacturers and its personnel.

“On-Site” representation allows you to be more effective servicing your customers, and drastically off-sets the high cost associated to meeting the demands of suppliers by its customers. Just by having an on-site representation we have saved TQAI’s customer base over 5 million dollars in scrap material by identifying scrap as a customer issue not a supplier issue!

Daily interaction with plant quality, and line personal

24/7 support allows immediate response

Complete quality support provided at all customer locations

Monitor, negotiate and coordinate scrap claims

Quality support at your product’s point of use

Support for new product launch

Experience Matters

Combined 27 years Experience in 3rd party inspection. Combined 66 years of GM experience. Hundreds of ESEP Sorts Managed.

ISO Certified

Total Quality Assurance is ISO 9000:2000 Certified. We take great pride in all of the services we provide.

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